Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Some Bowl Sponsorship Ideas

The people of New Orleans have been inundated with Allstate Insurance ads lately, as Allstate is sponsoring the Sugar Bowl and the BCS Championship game next Monday. The advertising campaign might be the most bold and callous spin jobs in history, as we're still suffering from the failure of insurers such as Allstate and State Farm now 2 1/2 years after the levees failed. But now Allstate wants people to look at the Superdome and to think about what a great company Allstate is.

Following Allstate's lead, here are some other brilliant bowl sponsorship ideas:

1. The Taliban Manhatten Bowl.
2. The Enron Texas Bowl.
3. The Exxon Valdez Alaska Bowl.
4. The Crack Cocaine Urban Bowl, or alternatively, the Crystal Meth Suburban Bowl.
5. The Enola Gay Hiroshima Bowl.
6. The Hutu Militia's Tutsi Bowl.
7. The Army Corps of Engineer's Levee Bowl.
8. The Fire and Brimstone Sodom Bowl.
9. The Vesuvius Pompeii Bowl.
10. The Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl.

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Leigh C. said...

I coulda sworn I heard the Michigan band playing "Springtime for Hitler" in their halftime medley at the Michigan-Florida bowl game. The Hawaii and Georgia bands shoulda saved that one for halftime in the Superdome.