Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Best Krewe du Vieux Ever

Last night was amazing. Congratulations to all the Krewe du Vieux participants for creating such a great parade. Also thanks to Keith and Jeffrey for hosting such a great pre-KDV party once again.

Maybe it was the Magical Misery Tour theme (I'm a Beatles fan), or maybe it was that we have so many corrupt and horrible leaders to lampoon, but it was quite a bit of fun. I even got to see Allstate roasting in hell, which was cathartic.

Let me give you one example of why I love New Orleans so much.
This is Kim on the left, aka the blogger Dangerblond. She is studying law, and in a few short days she will be taking the BAR exam. But last night she put studying on the back burner and she marched with Mama Roux. I took this picture right before she gave me a jello shot and filled my mouth up with whipped cream. She was joined by Karen Gadbois, and all three of us are on the February 9th ballot for the Orleans Parish Democratic Executive Committee. I also saw Mark Folse, Ray in New Orleans, Maitri (who gave me the best throw), Hammhawk. Didn't see Ashley, Dr A, or Adrastos, but my friends did.

If you are a huge Krewe du Vieux fan, or have an hour to kill and don't mind seeing photographs of fake phalluses, then check out my 140 photos on Flickr from last night.

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Anonymous said...

Great pix! Sorry we didn't see you!