Sunday, January 06, 2008

Good Fans

My roots are from Nebraska, where the fans cheer for the opposing team if they beat the Huskers, so maybe I'm naive. I have many lingering bad feelings about the way Saints fans were treated last January in Chicago when they lost to the Bears. I heard many stories about spit, thrown beers, punches, and some very mean Katrina-related words. Here's hoping that we in Louisiana and New Orleans can be good hosts to the many Ohio State fans who thankfully have flocked to our city. I can't wait for the game.


oyster said...

"where the fans cheer for the opposing team if they beat the Huskers"

That is true, and deeply honorable.

I haven't seen it done much elsewhere.

mominem said...

I was just in Miami for the Orange Bowl.

I met some Virginia Tech fans during the pregame party. A father and his adult son.

The son had been at Tiger stadium and said, except for the noise and the outcome he was well treated, including during the pre-game tailgating, and enjoyed the game. Also said he had no idea what he was getting into.