Saturday, July 11, 2020

Gilgamesh Voted Once

Therese, Kalypso, and I went to vote today. We were sad to see Gilgamesh's name on the voting registration, immediately preceding Kalypso and me. They gave me an LR-34(79) form, also known as "State of Louisiana Application for Cancellation of Deceased Registrant by Relative" application. Gilgamesh only voted once. We went to the Lake Vista Community Center to vote early, probably on November 24, 2018, just three days after his 18th birthday. At that time, Therese was in Omaha for Thanksgiving and Kalypso was at work, so it was just Gil and me. With Gil being Gil, who was always hungry, I remembered we stopped at Birds Nest Cafe so he could get some food. I remember he was interested in studying the candidates and the issues on the ballot. He would have been a good citizen.