Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Malaka Revisited

Everyone's favorite big-headed tile peddler from the Agora, the bald blogger named Adrastos, who serves as a part-time nemesis to yours truly, is at it again. He accuses my recent post, the one about Chris Owens, the many-years-old burlesque-in-public performer, of agism. In response I give you exhibit A:
Here we see a representation of Chris Owens, one that was forged out of molten bronze ore thousands of years old and worked and experimented on meticulously and often by a sculptor, and to the left we see a statue. The real question though here involves said statue. Are those maracas or Malakas? Hint: It's a trick question.


oyster said...

That is one exquisite sculpture.

I really am immensely enjoying this so-called "feud". Please don't stop.

Mark Folse said...

Agora? I thought he was from the Bay area. It's all Greek to me.

We are all enjoying this too much while Jeffery is in deep anguish.

Please, um, oh, keep it up.