Friday, April 04, 2008

Mary Landrieu Just Might Save My House From the IRS

I've posted earlier about our being taxed excessively and unjustly for our Road Home grant (here and here).

Today, 11 days before tax day, I think I have some great news. The Senate just passed by a vote of 74-5 an amendment by Mary Landrieu attached to the housing bill that would ensure that residents of Louisiana and Mississippi who received home rebuilding grants won't have to pay taxes on them. The story says "the measure is slated to pass next week." But then what? Tomorrow I'm going to spend the morning at the Superdome for an IRS Road Home tax workshop from 9:30-11, though they also have a second session from 1-2:30. I'll post here what I learn, though to be honest I don't think I'll learn anything and get upset after they talk to me like I have the IQ of a slow witted 7-year-old.

Later note: According to "The Landrieu amendment, co-sponsored by Sen. David Vitter, R-La., and other Gulf Coast lawmakers, would allow those taxpayers to amend their earlier return, repay the IRS with one year of interest and get their Road Home grant tax-free."

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