Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Our Trial Against Allstate Gets a Date

I just heard from Greg DiLeo, the attorney who is representing Therese and I in our lawsuit against Allstate Insurance. We were assigned the trial dates of December 17th-18th in 2007, and it will be in federal court. Greg wrote that Allstate's attorneys "are very aware of your blog entries and think you're on a vendetta." He said they will try to use that against us in court. Mr. DiLeo didn't advise me to stop blogging about Allstate, but he wanted me to be aware that any statements I made on the blog that could be shown to be inaccurate would be used to attack my credibility. Allstate's attorneys said they didn't anticipate settling unless I would compromise, which I won't. Unfortunately for Allstate, this isn't about money for us. With the Road Home funds, we've already been paid what Allstate would have had to pay if they lived up to their contract and paid us our policy back in 2005. Instead, this is about justice and documenting the unethical practices of a company that makes people feel secure, but then doesn't live up to their contract.


mominem said...

We filed against the flood insurance and just got word our trial date had been moved up 3 months.

Anonymous said...

Go get 'em.