Sunday, April 15, 2007


Last night I had a dream that we were living in our new house while our old house damaged from Katrina gets fixed. Our new house was much nicer though, with many windows and giant hot tubs. My dad was alive and living with us. He had been quite sick but was getting better. I spent most of my time helping him bathe, shave, eat, and get around, and we had a nice conversation in the dream. Then at night I saw through the giant window a giant funnel cloud that slowly came towards our house. The room I was in was fine, but the tornado ripped through the other side of the house where the children were playing. Therese and I were joking about how God was angry with one of us, and now we needed to find a new place in which to live while we fixed up that house as well.

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Anonymous said...

A federal jury has ordered Allstate Insurance Co. to pay a Slidell couple more than $2 million in penalties and damages in a Katrina-related case.

The case, the second insurance trial in federal court in Louisiana, dealt with questions about whether Katrina's winds or waves destroyed the home of Robert and Merryl Weiss. The jury handed down its verdict on Monday afternoon.

Dreams do come true