Monday, April 23, 2007

Brian Riedlinger's Back

In reference to BESE's recent decision to use some of the $445 federal "restart" money to recruit out-of-state teachers to New Orleans, CEO of Algiers Charter Schools Association said "I really do want the RSD schools to succeed, but you can't do it on my back." This struck me as hypocritical. Riedlinger is infamous for creating a school system in Algiers of haves and have nots, where most of his resources and best students go to one elementary and one high school: Harte and Karr respectively. These are the schools that he shows visitors interested in seeing Algiers Charter Schools. Meanwhile, these two schools succeed on the backs of his students at his six other schools.

And on a more positive note, Robin Jarvis is still thinking about retiring. She is job hunting, and to be sure, listing "Recovery School District superintendent" on your CV sounds impressive. Maybe she can use her experience flipping burgers on grills at local high schools. She was thus able to combat frozen lunches, at least for a day. With that sort of thinking outside of the box, she might be able to LEAP right over fry cook and become assistant burger manager.

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Anonymous said...

How do you know most of the resources go to Harte and Karr?

Is this in the form of # of teachers per student or salaries? I'd be interested to know how this can happen.