Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Boozocracy: 2 Educators, 2 Livers, & $1 Million for a New Orleans Library

In order to raise $1 million dollars for a New Orleans library in my Mid-City neighborhood, Bart and I just launched Boozocracy. The premise is simple enough for a drunk to figure out. People vote with their financial donation for one of two categories: Either Bart and I keep boozing it up for 2007, and they put us on the wagon (except of course for the Mardi Gras weekend, St. Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and our two birthdays). So please tell your friends about our brave enterprise in which we're willing to risk what we love most about living in New Orleans, namely--drinking alcohol, for a library in which people of all ages can learn.
*Later note: Bart's description of this project is much better than mine. Also, Howie Luvzus is asking all Baptists to stop us from sinning.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure which way I should urge my readers to donate. Drunk? Sober? I'm corrupt so you can bribe me...

Love the pix. Bart in a suit is as silly as you in the beer hat.

Michael Homan said...

If it were me, I'd be inclined to vote for drinking in 2007. In fact I did vote that way with $20.

Anonymous said...

Adrastos! Bart looks HAWT in a suit - don't tell Xy because I don't want to be excoriated (see Bart's post on the slumlord across the street from him).

Great idea, but as a great fan of booze and libraries, one that leaves me with a great moral dilemma.

What if I donate to both?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but I'm sober, so it's not simple enough for me to figure it out - why would anyone vote to keep you on the wagon?

In my previous comment (mildly rattled by the sight of B in a suit), I was under the impression that you will give up drinking in 2007 if it makes money for your library, or some silly Lenten thing like that.

Now, I'm just mildly confused, but I will vote to keep you drinking.

Anonymous said...

I don't know when I've seen you look so happy. I guess it's the new hat!