Saturday, August 26, 2006

Another Legal Victory Against Allstate

Texas has a four-year period in which people can file suit against their insurance company after damages, and our neighbors in the other direction, Mississippi and Florida have three-year periods. We in Louisiana have only one year. But there is a legal case trying to extend that period another year. It went to Federal court, got sent back down to the state, and Friday the Louisiana Supreme Court has upheld the 1-year extension as "constitutional." It now goes to a lower court in which the judge will hear arguments from both sides, and this case will likely be heard and decided Wednesday, the day after the 1-year anniversary of Katrina. We didn't want to wait for this legal decision, and already filed suit against Allstate. But what I really find interesting is the argument used by the attorney for Allstate. Philip Franco claims the decision will hinder the rebuilding of Louisiana because it sends a message to the business community that the state might change existing contracts. Hey Philip, do you think that maybe Allstate not living up to their side of contracts might be hindering the state's rebuilding? Just a thought.

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