Tuesday, August 15, 2006

August 15th

Today Therese turns 40. She left before I woke up, but she left a nice note saying that she loved her family (her mom, dad, and brother are STILL here), and that she especially loved me because I "chose" her. That was very nice of her, though I should point out that the Therese I "chose" was 23-years-old, and not this older model. But I do love her even though she is flawed, unlike me. Today is her first day teaching the 2nd grade at Lusher Elementary. Today also is the date that SB 620 becomes law, which means that if our suit against Allstate is successful, then they would have to pay 50% damages on top of our settlement, plus attorney's fees. Look over your shoulder Allstate, cause we're coming. Finally, today I just got a call from Rick from FEMA, and he's coming to assess our property to see if a FEMA trailer would fit. Soon we too will be trailer trash, at least we're hoping.


Ray said...

though I should point out that the Therese I "chose" was 23-years-old, and not this older model


Man, you're welcome to sleep on our couch when she reads that.

Schroeder said...

Happy Birthday Therese!

You might be interested in a Lusher feature I produced for Community Gumbo. Don't know the link, but just search for Lusher:


The tail end of the feature has the Fortier Fight Song which I pulled out of a Katrina pile in the street -- a 78 that someone had been holding onto for years. It had a crack in it, but it still played.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Therese!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 40 + 2 days, Therese! The girls and I will take you out for martinis and cosmos just as soon as you kick Michael out the front door with his stuff and he heads for Ray's couch.


Here's wishing the Homan family all the best in their lawsuit against Evilstate.

Anonymous said...

Hey good luck to you guys and your rebuilding of New Orleans. You guys are gonna come out just fine. You've weathered the hurricane you can weather it now. I hope you wint that suit and settlemnt. Good luck again.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck and God Bless! We will be filing charges against State Fraud in MS soon! :)