Monday, August 28, 2006

Blowing Statefarm's Whistle

ABC and CBS report that two supervisors handing Katrina claims for Statefarm in Mississippi repeatedly changed and replaced damage reports to save the company money. They also confirm the story that Statefarm brought in a truck to shred documents. In a related story this Statefarm policy holder received by mistake 3 engineer's reports in the mail. The first two claimed the house was destroyed by wind, for which she was covered, the third said flood caused the damage. Of course Statefarm was happy with that one in the end.


LisaPal said...

I am certain that the reason it took more than 4 months from the time State Farm told me they had the engineer's report until they actually sent me a "final report" was because they didn't like the original.

I want to do some investigating. Has anyone got one of those hidden cameras with audio?

Anonymous said...

Michael, Could you do a radio interview with a station in Corpus Christi? We are going thru cancellation of our wind storm insurance here and we have a joint House/Senate public hearing on it Wednesday. I'd like for you to tell my listeners some of the stories about being abandoned by their insurance companies. If you email your phone number I'll call you tonight and we can go over some things. I have also contacted Brian at Community gumbo with a similar request
Jim Lago

Anonymous said...

See Gene Taylor's town meeting on Katrina insurance claims, held for Democratic Caucus Members visiting the Gulf Coast.

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