Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Joan of Arc Parade for Epiphany

Today, January 6th, marks the Epiphany, the day the Magi brought gifts to the newborn Jesus. For those of us in New Orleans, it marks the beginning of the Mardi Gras season. We've waited so long for King Cakes, parades, and Mardi Gras parties. Tonight we're going to go down to the French Quarter to participate in the first annual Joan of Arc parade. We never had a good time with the Phorty Phunny Phellows and their street car, so we're hoping this is a better fit. I need a costume though and quick.


melissa said...

Did you make it to the parade? What did you think?

Michael Homan said...

We had a great time and will be there next year in costume. The king cake was delicious. The rain ended the party early. Thanks to the people who organized this.

ST. JOAN KREWE said...

So glad to hear you enjoyed it! Your blog was in my Google alerts post-parade. See you next year!