Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Glad for Gadbois

My friend Karen Gadbois was just named New Olreanian of the Year by the Gambit Weekly. I first met Karen during her struggles to hold her neighborhood Walgreens accountable for their properties. Since then she's been a real leader in our rebuilding efforts, and more than anyone, she personifies how it is the citizens of New Orleans leading our recovery, with little to no help from the government.

Karen has been stippled by the Wall Street Journal and now she has been gambitted(?)


Sharing the award with Karen are Liz McCartney and Zack Rosenburg, founders of the St. Bernard Project. Congratulations to all three, and thanks to the Gambit for recognizing these heroes.


Anonymous said...

I thik I should get this as a tatoo

Anonymous said...

Michael - I met Liz & Zac today at the St. Bernard Womens Rebuild week. What an awesome commitment they have made to this community. They have accomplished quite a bit and have plans to expand their program to encompass 1000 homes/year. We are working at one of their homes and met the homeowner today and she shared her own Katrina story with us.