Thursday, November 06, 2008

Jury from Hell

I learned on Twitter today that my arch nemesis Adrastos will be appearing for jury duty on November 14th, the same day listed on my jury summons.

By coincidence I recently ran into Adrastos at WetBankGuy's Halloween party. I believe that right now WetBankGuy is on a jury. But that evening at the party there were two Adrastoi, which is why I had to leave early and there were nutria teeth in the brain jello. Can you tell from this picture which is the real Adrastos? Hint: look for the cat tile for sale, the Lee Zurick eyebrows, the receding hairline, and the pulp fiction covers for discussion.
So criminals, you better shape up, as you might just be facing a jury of bloggers. Hmmm. Jury of Bloggers, that sounds like a pulp title for the 21st century.


Mark Folse said...

Don't be givin' away my recipes. And sadly, I report on the 17th. We might all be stuck in Jury Lounge together forever.

It will be fun. We will never be invited back.

Leigh C. said...

God Almighty, all three of you guys in the same courtroom will not only tip the scales of justice, it will have blindfolded lady Justice screaming for mercy from you yahoos.

ESPECIALLY if you all show up in your Halloween getups.

Anonymous said...

Wrong, dude. The 14th. Dream on, malaka.

Michael Homan said...

That's what I said Mr. Malaka.