Wednesday, November 12, 2008

October 22nd in Perpetuity

Overall it was a pretty good day for me, October 22nd. Jarvis DeBerry spoke to Xavier students as part of our Freshman Seminar, we were getting ready for our first Voodoo Fest the following weekend. I was hoping Obama would win but was skeptical at the same time. But the thing is I am reliving that day everyday since, in a sort of Groundhog Day moment, as emails from Xavier are continuously being recycled. People who know me often get my October 22nd emails sent to them again, and I receive there emails as well. Sure does make me look incompetent, which is not something that needed this extra help.


Anonymous said...

This is my first time checking your blog in many moons. Good to see you still blogging and doing well. I'm an Ike survivor. Had damage to my home in Dickinson TX and have moved 70 miles north where I'm looking to buy. Was down in Galveston a couple of nights ago (used to live there several years back) and it's so sad. It'll never will be the same - I suppose at some point there'll be a new "normal". As President Clinton said after he visited the island, (paraphrasing) the scope of damage is not as bad as Katrina, but the depth of damage is just as bad as anything seen in New orleans. Hurricanes suck.

Michael Homan said...

Yes indeed, hurricanes do suck. But so do insurance companies, as I have heard from several people in Texas going through now what we went through three years ago.