Friday, November 14, 2008

House Blessing Reflections

We had a great time last Saturday at our house blessing party. I've had several days to reflect on it, and it's really such a nice memory. Our architect Peter Waring came early with a case of Boomerang wine and several wine glasses. After most of our friends had gathered, Fr. Linden and I went to the backyard to get a twig from our fig tree that survived Katrina's flood. Gilgamesh held a bowl of water which Fr. Linden blessed, and following a group prayer, we went around the house to every room and Fr. Linden sprinkled water throughout. Gilgamesh kept asking when he could dump out the water. We got some great housewarming gifts, such as truffles, a Mishkan piece of needlepoint (Mishkan in the name of our house), an oyster spoon, and a fleur du lis tile. My friend Howie and his family even gave us a football autographed by the 2007 Saints. Kalypso's piano teacher Ashley came for a few hours and played the piano as background music. It was nice seeing everyone's reaction to our remodeling, and more so, to mark the occasion with our friends. Too bad our families are so far away. It's sure nice to be home.
Fr. Linden followed by Gilgamesh, Kalypso, and friends, during house blessing party.
More pics by Adrastos and Dr. A here.

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Tim said...

If I may get deep for a moment, it is fitting that you "blessed" your home with such ritual. As you know, professor, humans love ritual. But this ritual was not about home, because a home is just a building, a space we use for a while. There is nothing special or sacred about space. Home is wherever your family comes for comfort, safety and love. So your ritual "blessing" of the walls and floors was I am sure a meaningful gesture after all your work to restore and repair your space. But you have always been "home." And if tomorrow it is all taken away, you and your family will find another space to call home, and you will designate and consecrate that space by simply being there.