Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tim Russert's Death

I was very sad to learn yesterday that Tim Russert passed away. I've been a longtime fan of Meet the Press and always enjoyed hearing Russert's political analysis. His interviews were unique. He would always be very prepared, and worked hard for his reputation as being thorough but fair. It was "old school" journalism, something that is sadly being replaced with partisan pugilists and infomercials. What I liked most about Russert were his obvious love of his job, his geeky blue-collar dress and facial expressions, and he had a compassion and enthusiasm for politics that were impossible to hide. Personally, I also liked his piety, and how he represented his Catholic faith so well.
I'm sad that we'll have to go through this incredibly exciting presidential race without his expertise.



the guy was an old school news hound.

i remember the first sunday after katrina and seeing his coverage i went from despair and inertia back into movement.

god speed tim.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for blogging about Tim Russert. Yours is the only mention on the local blogosphere I've seen, which I find strange considering that he represented so much of what it espouses: fairness, open government, and relentless questioning of authority.

Russert's boyish passion for politics and for his job were evident every Sunday morning. I always felt smarter after watching Meet the Press.

He will be missed, and never replaced.

Michael Homan said...

Civitch, thanks, and I remember reading something about Russert at Adrastos: