Monday, August 13, 2007


I learned late Saturday night that one of the most beloved politicians in New Orleans, Oliver Thomas, was pleading guilty to charges that he accepted bribes five years ago. That has really got me depressed and feeling betrayed. For those in America who would rather not fund the rebuilding of New Orleans because of alleged political corruption, another arrow is in your arsenal. And then there's this, where Katrina relief tax money is going to build luxury Alabama football condos. Things don't look too optimistic right now.

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Anonymous said...

I noticed your visitor map doesn't show any hits at all from Russia and China. Censorship maybe? I have been reading about Afghani mass graves and Iraqi refugees. Believe it or not our own government has made other peoples' lives worse than they've made ours. I was going to say, hey, it could always be worse, but now I'm just sad that our government has been used for violence, hate, and greed, hurting people around the world. Will America wake up?