Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A NOLA Blogger for City Council

I think that many of the New Orleans bloggers would make a fine representative on the city council. You'll see their wisdom and wit on display at the Rising Tide 2 Conference. But having pondered this for a few days now, and being a narcissistic genius, I think that Karen "Gadfly" Gadbois from Squandered Heritage would make the best candidate. She's the only one I know of who has been stippled by the Wall Street Journal.

There, I blogged it, now make it happen.


Anonymous said...

OOOO! I thought of this also but thought its so wild it makes so much sense it couldn't happen. WHo else has gone out day after day with vigilence to protect New Orleans and New Orleanians? Karen is our best guardian angel. Besides she also already spends TONS of time at City Hall and I bet you any sum she knows more about processes (and lacks of process) than ANY other potential candidate.

Also we would still like to have Bart appointed interim Mayor when that indictment comes down, not a day too soon. You and Bart can be like my friend said- 'I'll be the Mayor and you'll be the Mayor when I'm not around.' I could see you guys like that, chillin on the 2nd floor.

Geaux Karen! Should we start a nomination campaign?

Sue said...

Why don't you run ?

Anonymous said...

I lack the wardrobe for City Council and I say fuck a lot, maybe too much

Michael Homan said...

City Council needs more of that type of verbal frustration.

Anonymous said...

no such thing as too much