Sunday, August 05, 2007


After nearly two months in Israel, a week in Nebraska, and a few days in Florida, our Toyota Highlander is finally parked in front of our house on S. Hennessey. The longer I live in New Orleans, the tougher it gets to leave here, despite its many problems. After being away so long, it seems many things remain unchanged. Only about 1/3 to 1/2 of the residents in my neighborhood are back, and the schools still need a major overhaul. We continue to suffer under the blunders, incompetance, and corruption of many of our public officials. I feel both rejuvinated and worn out at the same time if that is possible. I think we're about two weeks away from beginning to repair our house. Once we start, it will take about 10 months to a year to finish. I can't wait to get our stuff out of storage and finally move back into our house.


Leigh C. said...

"I feel both rejuvinated and worn out at the same time if that is possible."

Yep, it is entirely possible.

Trust me.

Glad you're getting going on the house repairs.

oyster said...

Welcome home!

Anonymous said...

And then it takes ANOTHER year to REALLY finish it. Good luck.

Sofia Britts said...

Why did you need house repairs, Michael? I mean, what was wrong with your home? Did a storm damage some parts, like what happened to my house? Sigh. It was real crazy, I'm telling you. I had to use almost all of the money from my payday advance loans just to pay for the roof and window repair work. We even had shortage on food and water. Life can really be tough sometimes, but as a parent I had to be strong because my family depended on me. Good thing we were able to recover from that disaster quickly.