Thursday, January 25, 2007

Op-Ed and Something Much Darker

I have an opinion piece today in the Times-Picayune that is based on a previous post about the negative experience Therese and I had at the "Welcome Home Center" in New Orleans. It caused a bit of a stir, and already I've heard from several employees of the Welcome Home Center, the mayor's office and some of the city council members. They all say things there will improve, which of course would be a good thing. Thanks to Annette Sisco of the T-P for publishing the piece. But tales of being treated like a criminal were nothing compared to the story on the front page where Paul Gailiunas recounts the tragedy of his wife Helen Hill's brutal murder on January 4th. Police Chief Riley has been critical of Gailiunas during the investigation, saying he has not been cooperative, and Riley reportedly told one of Paul's relatives that Paul is not a suspect in the murder. To have experienced what Paul went through, and then to be publically denounced by the police chief, and to use Paul's name in a sentence with the word "suspect," all of that makes me very angry with Chief Riley. I pray that Paul and his son will somehow, someday, find some sort of peace. We live in such a violent society. Since Katrina and the ineptitude shown by our government on all levels for the past 17 months, I'm turning into the Angry White Man. But I know that I will never, ever, purchase a gun.


Anonymous said...

Angry White Men like you give me hope in these sad days.

Judy Thorne said...

Read your editorial, Michael. I hope those "public servants" see the errors in their ways and begin to treat everyone with more respect. Thank you for speaking out.

The article in the TP about Paul made me angry as well. I didn't see any reason for it.