Friday, October 06, 2006

Wheels of Justice Move Slowly

Our attorney said that our case against Allstate won't be argued in court until about May of 2007. As I understand the process, yesterday Allstate did not appear at court, but instead they filed a removal of the case from state to federal court. Now our attorney files a motion for remand to move the trial back to state court. Then Allstate answers, and then we request a trial date. I sent an email to our attorney asking him if there is anyway that we can start repairing the house before the trial. We're going crazy here waiting, waiting, and waiting. If he says leave the house as is until the trial, we won't be moving into the apartment next week. We simply can't afford the extra rent for all that time while the house stays as is. We'll have to rent a place when we start gutting our house and repairing it.

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