Thursday, September 07, 2006

Lights, Camera, Action

My daughter Kalypso's movie about the rebuilding of New Orleans one year after Katrina can be seen on YouTube and Think New Orleans (a higher quality video). Alan Gutierrez deserves our thanks for hosting the video. Six months ago Kalypso had a video about New Orleans after Katrina on YouTube, and to date more than 5500 people have seen it. We're very proud of her.


Anonymous said...

Kalypso and Mike did a great job putting this video together. So glad we could be a part of this wonderful project. Kalypso, I think journalism is in your future and Mike, let me know when you produce and direct your next film. Such a creative Family. Love Ya

Lisa Monconduit

Anonymous said...

I thought that Katrina +1 year was great. I hope that you and Kalypso will collaborate again soon. Thanks very much for the potent reminder of what life is like in New Orleans.