Monday, November 01, 2010

Who Dat Say They Gonna Eat Some Brains?


Some more Halloween pics on Flickr.


Anonymous said...

yo mike.

any chance of you emailing me a .jpg of gil dipping a chip in your zombie wound?

my buddy in arkansas who has been to the haus back when it was a rental during a halloween would get a huge kick out of it.

take care.


Michael Homan said...

rickngentilly, I've been searching for your email address but can't find it for some reason. You can download any size of that photo you want from flickr, check out

If that doesn't work email me at

Leigh C. said...

OhmyGawd, you make one incredible zombie. Wow.

Anonymous said...

thanks mike.

you da man.


Anonymous said...

you make a great zombie. Who did your makeup?