Sunday, November 15, 2009

Beer Four for Christmas

Since my re-entry into home brewing, I've made an ESB, a nutbrown ale, a satsuma witbier, and today I'm making a chocolate cherry stout for Christmas. It's to celebrate three things: Kalypso came in first place in her final cross-country meet of the season, Gilgamesh's soccer team won their second game, and today the Saints are going to move up to 9-0.

Grains: .5 chocolate, .25 roast barley, .25 victory (Steep 30 minutes at 150 degrees)
Hops: 1 oz Columbus (14.2%) full 60 minute boil, 1 oz K Goldings (4.9%) last 15 minutes
Malt: 2 lbs Briess Dried Malt Extract traditional dark, 3 lbs muntons dark malt
1/2 pound unsweetened chocolate
2 lbs Sweet Cherry puree in primary fermentation, 1 lb in secondary fermentation (Oregon fruit products)
Safale US-05 dry yeast

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