Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shutting Down Carnival

We had a great Mardi Gras, but as always on Ash Wednesday, we're tired. This year my sister Chris came to see Mardi Gras for the first time, and my friends Marc and Jackie returned for the fĂȘte. Gilgamesh and Kalypso each got a Zulu coconut, which is one way to measure the success of the season. Here's a pic of Kalypso and me at Muses:
And here is my sister, whom the kids call Aunt Poncho, waiting for Zulu:
Today we took down our Mardi Gras decorations, including our Mardi Gras tree, and it's all up in attic now. Too early to get the Easter stuff down. We have a nearly intact King Cake that nobody is willing to finish off. I'm thinking about giving up all corn products for lent. More on that later. Hope your Carnival was as good as ours.
Here's Gilgamesh with a coconut:

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Sue said...

Can a Nebraskan give up corn?? What will happen to your home State's economy if others follow your lead???