Sunday, March 18, 2007

FEMA Trailer Trash No Mo'

We came home from the St. Patrick's Day parade to find that our FEMA trailer was gone.
We received our gift from FEMA in September of 06 after waiting for more than a year. They came to take it just three days after we called. First they inspected it for termites, and then they halled it away while we were drunk on green beer and cheering for green beads. I have some fond memories of the FEMA trailer. Our kids were sure excited when it arrived. It was like a club house for them, and all the stuff that was smaller seemed to work great for people the size of a kid. I remember watching several Saints games in there as well, so the FEMA trailer added to the mystique of the 06 season. But our marriage didn't do well in a FEMA trailer with two kids and two dogs. So we are in the process of buying a double one block away. We will live downstairs, and rent out the top. Then when our house if renovated, we'll move back, and rent out both sides. It will be difficult to pull off financially, but we're sort of investing in the future of New Orleans, much like Jeremiah did when he purchased land while the future of Jerusalem was questionable (Jeremiah 32).


Bigezbear said...

Are you sure the trailer just ain't at the pound on Claiborne? They're starting to tow again, you know.

Leigh C. said...

Mazel tov on the passing of your trailer - and long live that trailer. I'm sure it now has a helluva story to tell.

I also love your comparison of present-day NOLA to Biblical/Haftorah Jerusalem. Investing in the future, indeed...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're able to at least do something finally. Much like many of the unusual experiences Katrina brought us (mastering complex laws, testifying before congress, eating MRIs), I hope this is soon one aspect you can look back on as a perspective-giving experience.

And kudos for investing so much in the city. We need the faith and the backbone you've shown throughout. Don't worry about the financial side though--I hear you can charge pretty much as much rent as you want in this city now!