Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My House Still Leans

I just got back to New Orleans from D.C. Today some very powerful people, including Senators Leahy, Landrieu, Lott, Hatch, and Specter, along with many insurance industry lobbyists, all apologized for my family's misfortunes in dealing with Allstate and Haag Engineering over the past year and a half. But my house still leans. It's good to see my family and dogs though.


Anonymous said...

Well, man, you don't seem entirely heartened by your experience. I hope you have some reason to think that they really heard you, but I understand how daunting that thing must have been. I hope you'll be able to give us a more detailed account at some point. Thanks for going.

Anonymous said...

After my 18 month fight with Allstate I know how you feel. Talk becomes very cheap. The story becomes tiring and the only thing that might help you feel better some is the money owed you.

Anonymous said...

Michael I hope you have been blessed as much as me after Katrina. I like to say,"We lost our homes but the insurance industry lost their soul". I think you might understand what I mean by that and I can only thank God for my blessings post-katrina.

Before Katrina you may have noticed a little cultural diffence in South Lousisana and you couldn't quite put your finger on it. Now you are that culture sir. New Orleans is an assimulative culture which takes every culture and adds it to the mix. But somehow all have at their core a belief in the commonality of all citizens and the need of all in the community to make it New Orleans.

The culture comes in a very large degree from the relationship we have shared with these storms for generations. We in Bay St. Louis have always had a sort of classless society which respects each other based on their contribution to the community.
We tend to have a respect for each persons dominate culture but consider OUR community to be a nice mix of all. Its hard to explain but after Katrina I hope you were rebirthed in our creole culture. If you were than you are truely New Orleans for life. No matter where you go your heart will always be in New Orleans. I hope you have luck not in getting your house straight but in loving your life the it be. You are where you want to be? Yes you are. You are living what you once only studied. That sir is blessing beyond belief is it not. We walk on the shoulder of giants, yes, but we are carried on the wings of angels. This plight of our only shows us all down here how society can abuse a minority of people and those people can only sit back wondering what is going on... Trust me that's important and if we can expose this to our nation we can prevent alot of tragedies which are going on right now... I'll post again. Hopefully this hits a good spot in your heart and mind.

Michael Homan said...

That did hit a good spot in my heart and mind. Thanks Anonymous.