Friday, December 10, 2004

Thanks Louis

I'm working on this website called Bibledudes. In it we have a section about Alexander the Greak and Hellenism, where a donkey asks why they didn't call Hellenism Greekenism instead. Some brilliant and helpful person named Louis emailed me the following about the BibleDudes website:

Regarding your stupid comment why didn't they call it Greekenism: THATS BECAUSE THE GREEKS CALL THEMSELVES HELLENES YOU IGNORANT BASTARD!

I emailed Louis back saying:

Gee thanks for clearing that up Louis. Great knowing you're such an erudite resource. We'll be sure to run future drafts by you to avoid such stupidity. Thanks again, and keep sharing your vast knowledge with the world wide web.


Anonymous said...

Louis obviously has no sense of humor. A pretty good grasp on reality, but no sense of humor.


Anonymous said...

Louis obviously did not get the point of the site - it is supposed to be informative AND funny (which it is). By posting that comment, Louis appears to be the ignorant bastard. By the way Dr. Homan, what is going on with your book? Also, these blogs look way shorter than 2000 words...

~Lisa (from Fa04 Sec 6)

Jerry A. said...

Thanks Mike,

Funniest thing I've read in...well I'm too tired to remember. Keep up the great work! Delighted to know about the action figures, too. I worry about Christmas not being commercial enough, and you're reassuring me here. I mean you might as well give good stuff.