Wednesday, December 08, 2004

On a Chalkboard in the Administration Building

I saw this when I was walking to my office. Sort of sums of modern university education in many ways, and shows that personal responsibility is dead.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Homan
I am a former student in Dr. DeAngelis Calculus class for the Fall 2004 semester. We never received any extra credit in both of his classes. What may have been thought to be extra credit was actually class work points that he allowed us to complete at the end of the semester. I felt that this is an unfair accusation on a very good teacher who does not stray from the rules. Trust me we begged and never received any extra credit. I thought this had to be said because rumors can be started that are detrimental to someone's professional career. Thanks

Michael Homan said...

in response to the earlier comment, I am sure that Dr. DeAngelis is a great teacher. In fact many great teachers here at Xavier use extra credit as a method to get students motivated. I was simply pointing out that in my experience extra credit is widespread here at Xavier and at many other institutions of higher learning. I thought the comment on the chalkboard was amusing.