Saturday, December 25, 2004

Better to Give than to Receive

For the official record of Xmas 04:

Gifts given: Godzilla action figures (including Mothra larva), batman superman track race cars, tons of Harry Potter stuff for Barkus (a Mardi Gras parade for dogs), Cajun alligator ornament, Poe Book, 9/11 report book, John Stewart's America book, christmas pin made out of fish scales, Cajun in your pocket, Poe action figure, fleur de lis tile, digital camera, Incredibles video game, Rudolph stickers, and flower vase, plus some other crap I can't remember.

Gifts received: a bag of pistachios and a metal cross blessed by a priest in Columbus named Father Joe.

I shouldn't forget about the 16 hour car ride from New Orleans to Omaha with two kids and two dogs, and the gift of staying at relatives' houses. Plus, in just under three hours we get to spend the rest of the day at Therese's fundamentalist cousin's house. Next year I am totally boycotting Christmas and will celebrate Festivus instead. I'll go shopping for an aluminum pole tomorrow.

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