Friday, November 12, 2004

Vanity in Academic Mug Shots

I have an upcoming publication about beer in the ancient Near coming out in Near Eastern Archaeology. I need to send them a short bio and a mug shot. For the past six or seven years, I've always used this shot, taken at the Albright by my friend Tristan Barako.

But now I'm older, fatter, grayer, blinder, etc. I decided it was time to update my academic picture, because I don't look like the above picture anymore. So this morning Therese took this picture of me, sporting the new red sweater vest I got at Thrift City yesterday during their half price sale.

I remember many times in my career meeting people in my profession and being shocked at how old they were. This is because in their publications they use pictures taken up to 30 years ago, when they still had hair and were in graduate school. Incidentally, it took about 300 shots on the digital camera before we got one that was even remotely passable by my standards. That is to say, it took a lot of work to make me look even this good. I'd better be nicer to Therese and not quit my day job.


Tim Bulkeley said...

You don't LOOK much older, though the picture IS much wider ;)

Anonymous said...

Dr. Homan- My Mom says you look goofy in your pictures!