Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I Voted

I voted today. The polls here in Louisiana opened at 6 AM, Therese, Gilgamesh, Kalypso and I got there about 5:50. The line was already pretty long. Therese voted first while I watched the kids. We vote at a local elementary school, which is a huge improvement over the first place we voted when we moved here. It was a coregated steel shack on the side of one of our neighbor's houses. Amazing. While Therese voted, Kalypso and Gil played with some hotwheels on a big map of the US. Kalypso and GIl drove their cars from Louisiana to Nebraska, where their grandparents and aunts and uncles live. They sort of think Nebraska is the greatest thing ever, mostly because they always get gifts when they are there for Christmas, and because they get so much love and attention. So while Therese was voting, Gilgamesh said "Abu, I have to go potty." The poll workers wouldn't let us use the school restrooms, so I walked Gil around the corner where he could pee in semi privacy. Of course he can't pee without pulling his pants and underware all the way down around his ankles. Louisiana is a pretty prudish place, and we got several negative stares as people walked by on their way to vote. But in the end, Gilgamesh emptied his bladder gloriously oblivious to social condemnation of public nudity, Therese emerged, and I was able to then stand in line to vote. The two people in front of me weren't on the list, which is disturbing. One had a mailed voter registration card so she was able to vote, but I'm not sure what became of the other. I sure hope she was able to vote. A poll opened, I voted, it took about 30 seconds in the booth because I knew the ballot very well. Then I pushed the vote button, the machine went "Bleblebleeeeppppp!" It was a great way to start the day. I'm a pretty pessimistic guy, but at the moment I have some optimism. Even despite what the courts determined in Ohio, I still think Kerry will come through on this, and I have some slight hope about the senate.

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