Wednesday, November 10, 2004

One Week of Walking

Today marks the one week anniversary of my decision to leave my beloved red 92 Tercel behind and walk to work. Also, today was the first day that it was raining. I'm in my office now, with a big box of tissues, because I think I'm getting a cold. Therese and I have talked about returning to bygone days when we were a one car family. Monday my daughter Kalypso walked home with me. Therese has a class here at Xavier, and so we trade off Kalypso, and I get Gilgamesh from the school near our house. While we were walking home Kalypso and I talked about our country's dependency on oil. After the 25 minute walk home, Kalypso decided she no longer wanted a Hummer. We compromised. Now she wants a Jaguar.

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