Thursday, December 18, 2003

Still suffering from writer's block, I thought I'd take a moment and talk about
how today, December 18, 2003 changed the world. For today is
the day that


is going legit. My lanky friend Bart Everson who bicycles even though he suffers
from cold hands works at the Center for the Advancement of Teaching here at
Xavier, and this place is way better because of his presence. He's sort of an
artist who works with computers. Anyway, today, even as I write this, he is
moving the website from CAT's server at to the
new and bibliscious URL
How cool is that? We've got a lot more work to do on the site, as we're not
even halfway done. But I think it will be an excellent teaching tool. We shall
see. In some ways it is frustrating as in the end I'll put way more effort into
this website than I would into a book, and it will reach so many more people,
yet I'm sure academia would give more credit to a book. I applied for early
promotion this year at Xavier, trying to get the rank of Associate Professor.
I'll let you know if this website matters at all in this process, but I think
my books will carry more weight. I think 20 years from now the system will be
different, but so much about academia is antiquated. Anyway, great day for me
and the world. Thanks Bart!

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