Thursday, December 18, 2003

I have writer's block, and I've got it bad. I need to finish two book reviews today and get those shipped off to "Archaeology Odyssey." They're both pretty good books, but I especially enjoyed William Stiebing's Ancient Near Eastern History and Culture. He did a great job of showing how historians and archaeologists are like detectives who try and form theories from quite fragmentary evidence.

Then, if and when I finish this, I've got so much to do with the atlas. I really need to get the text finished and off to the editor before Christmas break is over, just a couple of weeks from now. But while the book reviews are close to being done, I can't seem to crank out the final formatting. I desperately need a muse. This might take the form of a redfish, as my colleague and friend Mark Gstohl and I are going fishing tomorrow. I've wanted to do this for a very long time and have never gotten around to it. We have a guide, and it not only be expensive but very cold. Being on the water in a boat in 40 degree weather will be challenging. Good thing I'm fat. I knew there was a reason I was overweight. Even if we don't catch anything I know tomorrow will be a memorable day. This will be because of fish, boats, beer, and this "Good Ol' Boy" Southern thing I find so amusing.
If anyone else knows how to break my writer's block, feel free to email me at My block is so bad I spent the day searching for Mr. Poppy's/Al Copeland's address as he is supposed to have some great Christmas decorations. I finally found it, but it took a couple of hours. Think how productive I could have been before the internet took off.

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