Sunday, December 14, 2003

I'm back from the retreat, and feel it was a real success. The theology department tackled some pretty difficult issues related to our program, and had a nice time interacting with everyone's families. I returned to find several students already complaining about grades. I think they found them posted on Banner Web. Some have even said if I don't raise their grades from a C to a B they will lose their scholarships. As hard as it is for me to do so, I have a policy that won't raise grades in such a fashion. One student has a 77, but I still can't give her a B. I suspect most teachers would here at Xavier, or so many students probably wouldn't ask. I would feel much better if we had pluses and minuses, so she could get a B minus or a C plus, grades that more accurately reflect her performance. But instead here at Xavier a 71 and a 79 (which by the way are very different student performances) both get a grade of C on their transcripts. It's a shame. Though it continues to trouble me deeply, and I feel bad for the student, as I get more experienced I don't feel as bad as I once would have. If she was so worried about her scholarship she should have studied more and scored better than a high 50s on the final exam. But in the end I still feel bad.

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