Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I cut off my moustache. I grew it for well over a year so it would look great for the movie The Theologians. Now the movie is done, and the moustache is gone. Wearing a moustache is not easy, especially when eating. It does give you lift when you jump over cars though.


Anonymous said...

mr. Michael,
.Sorry, but it's time, the Walrus said,
to speak of Many Things....

Anonymous said...

It is likely that you will return to a Toxic Evacuation Zone.
It is likely that South Louisiana will be declared unlivable.
I wish I had a Ranch to invite ya to come live, because we
would need some dedicated, open minded teachers.
Unfortunately these visions are for the Next World,
because this World is Quite nearly Toast.
Take that extra item you were debating about.
Plan on not returning to Nawlins.
Big Quakes all day in Cali.
These things are Related, Mr. open-to-pagan-ways…

Anonymous said...

I hope y'all are okay. Still without power?