Monday, March 22, 2010

Mark Gstohl Gets Excited On the News

Last night on WWL TV Bill Capo talked about our project with Save Our Cemeteries. Over the past two years, about 200 Xavier students have worked at St. Louis Cemetery No. 2 recording names on tombstones, hoping to preserve the record as the tombs are rapidly deteriorating. My student Jarred Honora did a great job representing Xavier. I was very proud of him, and yes, he'll get some extra credit. In contrast to Jarred, however, my friend and colleague Mark Gstohl needs to take some acting classes, because I found his on-camera excitement to be forced. The best parts are when he uses words like "Shocking!" and "Wow!" and I believe he has invented a new sign language for words like name and book. I think he picked up on this over-the-top methodology when he played "Big Robin" in a Batman video we shot last summer. I'm not going to link to the Batman video to save what reputation he has left, but here's the shocking news clip of the cemetery...WoW!


Chef Who Dat said...

Holy Gesticulation, Batman! Can this guy serve as the face and body of The Missing 1200?

Michael Homan said...

But Chef, do we really want to see his hand signs for "1200 Saints fans get screwed"???

Adrastos said...

Wowie zowie, Howie.