Monday, April 20, 2009

Shut Down Comments on

Another tragedy has been unfolding these past two days in New Orleans. Two 19-year-old college students were kidnapped early Sunday morning, and just now we're learning that their dead bodies have been discovered only a few blocks from my office. The story recently appeared on, and as of now there are 78 comments. Many of them are posted by racists claiming all sorts of ignorant and hateful conclusions in the aftermath of this tragic death. While I'm an advocate for freedom of speech, I don't believe these jerks need such a large forum, a forum they haven't created but one which they leach onto. Please join me in emailing the editor of,, and ask them to take the comments down and not give their anonymous readers the opportunity to post hateful and ignorant comments on stories such as this.

I hope none of the victims' loved-ones ever have to read such vitriol.


Judy Thorne said...

thanks, Michael.

I emailed asking them to either police their comments or shut them down completely.

rcs said...

Good luck with that. In the meantime, you can hide the comments section entirely with a user stylesheet:

div.col {

Instructions for use here.