Thursday, October 11, 2007

People Who Have Lived At 215 S. Alexander Street, New Orleans, LA 70119

We're still many months away from moving back into our house, but we still get our mail sent there. We're terrified because of all the mail problems we have had since Katrina, so we haven't dared change it. But sometimes I get letters addressed to people who used to live there, and so I thought I would start a list of people who once lived there. Maybe someone will google their names and be able to tell me what happened to them. They might be happy to know that we didn't bulldoze the house, but we're rebuilding.

The house is at 215 South Alexander Street, New Orleans, LA 70119. Here are the people who have lived here before:

Cathy A. McGrath
Kazuo Fujishiro
Quanda Gibson
Mitch Hudson
S. Lewis Cocke (gets Millsaps College birthday cards in early May)
Trish Wilson and Rick Tippie apparently lived upstairs when it was a double. So did Erma Wright. The upstairs address was 213 S. Alexander. Vera Johnson lived there as well, and I think this might be the same Vera Evans who gets an occasional letter from Delta. Also we get mail from "Missing and Exploited Children" for Michelle Abram.

We bought the house in 2002 from Merlin Gele. He never lived there, but rented it out as a split level double. One person who rented was Denice Hudson. She rented the downstairs. I think Paul Ebanks rented upstairs. His son was named Arzoo I seem to remember. I can't remember his girlfriend's name, but I remember she painted beautiful paintings on windows. Skip Bolen apparently lived at 213 S. Alexander as well.

UPDATE: The 1940 census shows that the house was divided into a double already back then. At 215 were Mercedes Tricon (age 29), a secretary for a wholesale refrigeration company. She was apparently divorced and lived here with her aunt Olivia Stafford (age 45). They had been living here at least 5 years. At 215 1/2 were living Land and Ariene Evans. They were a young married couple who moved here from Mobile, and Alan was a tire and rubber salesman.


Anonymous said...

Bart Tarver used to live at my house.

He is having some trouble with collection agencies as best I can tell.

Leigh C. said...

Heh. We've had so many Tulane Public Health grad students as former tenants that their mail is still clogging our slot. We might as well reopen as another branch of the US Postal Service...a dead letter office.

LisaPal said...

For about 15 years, we got a Christmas card and annual newsletter from the Yotz family in Somewheresvile, Illinois, intended for Mr. and Mrs. Fred South. The Souths owned the house at some point before the Lawrences, who sold it to us, did. I accidently opened the card that first Christmas in the house and when another came the following year, I just had to know how Ken, Kay and the brood were doing. I became addicted to the Yotz family newsletter and it took at least 20 years from the time the Souths sold the house for the Yotz family to give up and stop sending the annual holiday dispatch to the Souths at our address. They seemed like a really nice family. I miss them.

Anonymous said...

My sister is Quanda Gibson and is good friends with Merlin Gele. She had moved to Dallas and then Houston, TX. We've lost contact with her again, so not sure how to get mail to her.

The last email I had for her no longer works.

My email is

Broinn said...

Ha, I'm Michelle. I did live there in the late 90s. No idea why the missing and exploited children came to you, as far as I know, I have none, nor have I taken one. Weird.