Saturday, October 27, 2007

No More Water, The Fire Next Time

Sadly but predictably, many are claiming that San Diego handled their disastor better than New Orleans because our mayor and governor are democrats. There were balloon animals, yoga, and stilts at San Diego's Qualcomm stadium, and all of that could have been ours at the Superdome had we voted for Jindal (R) 4 years earlier according to these jerks. Even President Bush stated "It makes a significant difference when you have somebody in the statehouse willing to take the lead," to which Louisians Governor Blanco (D) replied ""I was the only game in town, leading for nearly a week without the president's help."

Steve Lopez counters these proposterous comparisons between the CA fires and our flood with this excellent opinion piece in yesterday's LA Times, entitled "Katrina comparisons are a different class of wrong." Amen Mr. Lopez.

Later note: Jeff Duncan with the Times-Picayune wrote this article that appeared on today's front page: No Comparison.


Anonymous said...

What did ya think of that fake news conference? {rolls eyes} I found it predictable.

I hope you get a chuckle out of this:

Ann said...

Wow. Just wow. Making political hay out of our misery AGAIN. While I agree with the author of the article that Louisiana politics are a disgrace, to blame the devastation of Katrina on the Democratic elected officials is a much, much worse one.

And to think I was wondering when the "God cleansing California because they're all so wicked" was coming. Fat chance of that.

Anonymous said...

It's almost surreal. It seems to me that prejudice against residents of the Gulf Coast and, in particular, New Orleanians is the new, acceptable bigotry, and it's become okay to re-shape the truth to fit that need. JMHO.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing us to the Times piece, Michael. I was pleased to see a California writer continuing to sympathize with us, considering all they're dealing with. I wonder how the conservatives explain the abysmal evacuation from Houston during Rita (probably the new NO arrivals clogged things).

I get upset with myself because when I start to get defensive about the comparisons to other disasters, it distracts me from my sympathy for Cali. I do hope they're benefiting from the lessons learned from the Gulf's misery. At least Chertoff acknowledges that there were problems; W won't even do that--it's the historians' job. Sheesh.