Sunday, June 17, 2007

Eye of Satan Took Top Plans

Today Kalypso and I, along with several other staff people, were at the tel taking elevations and checking our top plans to make sure everything was accurate. Top plans record all of the rocks, walls, and surfaces in the square which you are excavating. As mine has been dug three previous seasons, I'd estimate there are more than 1,000 rocks on each plan. A massive dirt devil, which in Arabic is called the "eye of Satan," came along and whisked my top plans up into the air. They kept climbing higher and higher as I and others ran down the tel. Dave Badger got into the van and drove off after them. He drove for some time and said he could see them occasionally, miles up in the air. So today, instead of relaxing and getting ready for the onset of the work week on Monday, I'm tracing top plans and trying to remember where to put old loci.

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Anonymous said...

Did you manage to get it all done? Even without me around to help with the tracing? : )

Andrea R