Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Chopper

One of the most important tools used in archaeology is the trowel, and this one is mine:
It's a WHS trowel made in Sheffield, and I got it from my friend Fiona in London many years ago. I named it "Chopper" and it has served me well. Back in San Diego, and while digging in Jordan, my friends used to call me "The Chopper." The name comes from the terrible movie C.C. and Company starring Joe Namath and Ann-Margret. I'm thinking of bringing the name out of retirement.


Louise A. Hitchcock said...

Hi Mike,

I've linked to your blog. Come and visit me at:

Louise Hitchcock

Anonymous said...

Since you've moved from San Diego to New Orleans, perhaps Choppa would be more appropriate.

They printed your editorial yesterday. Good stuff.

meldan said...

Haha...I had forgotten about calling you Chopper back in the wadi. Good times!