Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dead in the Water

I just learned that House GOP leaders pulled the Senate bill that would have allowed drilling off the Gulf shores. It would have meant millions of dollars for Louisiana that we could have used to restore the wetlands and improve levees. Once again it seems that Louisiana is exploited for the benefit of the United States. All we are asking for is our fair share of oil royalties, the same given to Texas, Florida, and even Wyoming.
Later note: the bill passed by a large margin Friday.

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HammHawk said...

This whole issue reminds me a bit of the issues surrounding gay marriage, affirmative action, and other things. People like to put it in terms of "special rights," but it's really a quest toward equality. We're not asking LA to be given more than it deserves, but just for a fair share. How pols can be against that I don't know. If they can't afford it, then they can't afford the other folks to get what they've been getting.