Wednesday, July 26, 2006

FEMA Trailers

Today for amusement I called FEMA to ask how they're coming on our FEMA trailer. They said they noticed that we applied for one back in September 2005, and that we should have one in about two to four months. Honestly it's not an emergency, and we're doing fine living upstairs in our racked house as we wait on Allstate. We'll need a place to live after we finish with Allstate, when we finally get to start repairing our house. I don't think we could afford to keep paying our mortgage and also to pay for an apartment's rent. Plus, most apartments wouldn't take our dogs. So hopefully someday soon our own trailer will show up. Our children feel like they are missing out on the whole Katrina experience without a FEMA trailer, as all of their friends have one.

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