Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Have You Seen This Woman?

Kimberly Williamson Butler, New Orleans' criminal court clerk, has gone missing. A judge last week issued an arrest warrant charging her with contempt, because a while back they ordered that she start cleaning up evidence contaminated by Hurricane Katrina. She declined. Katrina has dealt a severe blow to the whole legal system. There are still people in jail 6 months later who have not had a trial. Ms. Butler has had a pretty amazing past couple of years. She was fired by Ray Nagin a couple of years ago, and she sued him for discrimination (she lost). She then was elected County Clerk, but severely screwed up with the 2004 elections. I had students that waited more than 10 hours to vote here at Xavier. And now, she has gone on the lam. Only in New Orleans.

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Anonymous said...

I know we have Sugar Ray Nagin to thank for bringing this nut-case to town, but why on earth was she elected clerk of criminal court? Remember when she was advertising for convicted felons to get their records expunged so they could vote again? This woman is indeed a piece of work, but she is not from New Orleans.