Sunday, December 04, 2005

Letters to Santa Clause

Kalypso's (age 10) letter to Santa can be seen on her blog.

The following is Gilgamesh's (age 5) letter:
Dear Santa Clause,
I love you Santa Clause because you're my favorite person. I like you because you give toys, and I like your funny elves. You can bring toys, presents, and fun things for kids. I like presents. This year I was bad and good sometimes. Because my sister Kalypso sometimes beats me up and it hurts my feelings. At school I was good. I was especially good at field trips. On Christmas I like to play with blow up things like the Abominable snowman. I play with my friends, games in the world, and I'm nice. Sometimes I'm funny when I play with them. I make funny faces and make them laugh. When my mom tells me to brush my teeth I always brush my teeth. I come in and I listen to her. Sometimes I listen to my dad. I like to wrestle with him when his watch says it is fighting time. So Santa Clause, I want the Star Wars toys with the Darth Vader costume. I want the Batman gun thing because Batman is cool and he beats up bad guys. I want toys and maybe clothes if they are cool and a bicycle. I don't know why I said bicycle because it's gonna be real hard to do it. I'll let my sister ride it. When my sister dies I'll be a big person. I like Ninja Turtles toy things where they fight in the Ninja Turtle house. I want the game Mousetrap. I want the laser trip wire. And that's what I want for Christmas. That's all I want. OK Santa Clause? Santa Clause I love you, goodbye

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